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Residential Alcohol Rehab at Best Drug Rehabilitation

In order to provide incoming clients with effective holistic treatment programs, Best Drug Rehabilitation performs reviews to determine which type of treatment best suits them. If, after a specialist reviews a client’s case, he or she identifies alcoholism, the client may be recommended for residential treatment at Best Drug Rehabilitation’s Manistee, Michigan, facility.

Residential treatment for alcoholism at Best Drug Rehabilitation usually lasts for at least one month. The process begins with detoxification if necessary. Subsequent treatment includes a variety of modalities. Many clients find that they need to work on their own lives before they can begin mending their relationships with friends and family. To that end, during residential treatment, clients learn to become more confident and combat stress in ways that do not involve drug or alcohol use. One-on-one and group counseling allow clients to work through their addictions face to face, while education in nutrition and other areas equips them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, family therapy and social support help clients build a network that will help them overcome their alcoholism.